Welcome to Teugimdae Taekwondo and Hapkido

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Welcome to Teugimdae Taekwondo and Hapkido
We teach Taekwondo for discipline and the sparring.
We also do a lot of fitness, often to music as it motivates the students.
All our self-defense is Hapkido-based as strength is not a necessity in order to use it as you use your body weight
This self-defense works by using someone's weight against them. If someone pushes you, you pull; and if you get pulled, you push.
We have a step-by-step approach that works well for everyone.
Why choose us
We are a sports club, not a business. (No instructors work for money and all the fees go to the club not someone's pocket.)
Other clubs will hold you back so you have to stay longer. Most people have a goal of gaining a black belt then leaving, so the longer other clubs have you the more money they get.

We encourage our students to compete in tournaments.
Most other clubs do not let you spar often and do not allow you to compete as you may get hurt and leave.
Often the bigger clubs are run as a business and is their only source of income.

Bigger clubs that are run as businesses often do not care about the students progress but will put them up a grade just to keep them happy.
The only reason we are here is to see people both young and old become better people, whether they lose weight and get fit, or grow in confidence and discipline.

WE TEACH THE INDIVIDUAL (as every one is different and learns differently)

We teach children with learning disorders.
These children often become our top students once we work with them and find out the best way to teach them. (We cater to their needs and teach them accordingly to get the best results.) We have resources that help us with them.