About Us

Teugim-dae Tae  Kwon Do and Hapkido started out as Clevedon Tae Kwon Do on 15th of September 2003.
A mother named Nicky, from the Clevedon kindergarten asked Phillip Neal to start a Tae Kwon do club in Clevedon. Phillip told Nicky that they needed at least 5 members to get started, so Nicky got 15 more people to join. On opening night there were 28 students in total.  Phillip & Kayo Neal still have contact with these students today.
The club got up to 42 members at one stage
and was the biggest club at that time. In 2005, we opened the Orere Point club with about 15 members.
We have taught members of the police force and had free membership for volunteer firemen.
We have had visits from Korean masters as well as help from high ranking local masters.
We now have a club in Botany. We hold lessons on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. For more information, check out our other pages.

At Teugimdae we teach both adults and children. Through taekwondo, we teach students to be better people. They learn respect for oneself and others, gain confidence and learn self discipline.
The club is run by Phillip and Kayo Neal. The club members are involved in the running of the clubs and meet every 3 months to make decisions on how to run the club and give personal input on programs and ideas. Senior belts take warm up at the beginning of the class and mentor younger students. These students may be of any age, as often a child's capability is underestimated